Moxie games

Moxie games

With the advent of these dolls like Moxie, play with them was irreproachable, even coming out of childhood. These beautiful, stylish toys are attractive even for women who themselves have brought up children. Of course, they do not fit the dolls with him to bed and did not play for a meal at a table, but happy to collect. We can say that the different generations now has one interest, and mothers do not mind hobbies daughters stories online games Moxie, which in abundance for free. They invite the kids in fancy dress up, games makeup and manicure.

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Moxie games for girls Moxie games for girls childhood every girl – it bows, barrettes, ornaments, dolls, sweets, help mom in the kitchen, and the secrets of romantic dreams. All the fun is sharing with her friends, but at some point between them there are quarrels and resentments. Only dolls are always faithful to his mistress. They listen carefully to the complaint, the aspirations, the hopes, the sighs of the boy get noticed, and never pass into the wrong ears heard. They are good at keeping secrets, and this makes them constant companions for life.

What used to be a doll

The girls grow up, but the doll does not change, and this makes them even closer, because they are like a reminder of past joint years. In some families, you can see the puppets who raised a generation of girls, handed down by inheritance to his daughter from her mother. But especially old cease to be just puppets. Their porcelain faces frozen with a small smile on her full lips and a solemn look down from the glass cover, changing the status of simple toys rarity. They are the link between generations, family heirloom, vintage antiques.

Dolls have always made of different materials – tissue, porcelain, wood, thread, straw and even wax. But the last serve ritual purposes, and they do not play. Soviet children grew up surrounded by plastic dolls and PUPS, but neither one nor the other were not allocated a special grace, elegance and style. They all looked virtually identical and differ only in color hair and sometimes a modest fee.

The new generation chooses the game with dolls Moxie

Today girls have at their disposal the most popular doll beauties, including Barbie, Bratz and Moxie. But even the famous blonde Barbie is almost exhausted its fifteen minutes of fame, replaced girlfriends Moxie.

Meet games for girls Moxie and their representatives: Sasha, Sofina, Lex, and Avery. Each of them has their own style and taste. They are like the embodiment of these girls live their interests. They are all very courageous, energetic, enterprising, extravagant.

  • Lex – the most sensual of their surroundings seems languid;  
  • Avery conquers boundless positive energy and enthusiasm;  
  • Sasha looks refined, elegant and refined;
  • Sofina bit melancholic, pensive and romantic love.

Moxie games for girls Fashion Moxie

individually – is a person, and together they form an unbreakable tandem and taken prisoner by its beauty, fun, positive. You often see them in games dress up, because they are still fashionista. But since you do not mind from time to time to try on a new outfit, match your interests, and you can easily pick up a girlfriend costume appropriate to their nature. At the same time during the selection you will not feel the lack of because our doll love bright and stylish things and have managed to accumulate a lot of them.

Prinaryazhayas, do not forget to consider the decorations and pick them up to the main board so that they fit harmoniously into the image. Accessories in the form of scarves, belts, handbags, will help complete the transformation. Your attire should be consistent with the planned pastime, because every event is dictating its terms:

  • Sportpartner;  
  • Business meeting;
  • The party on the beach;  
  • A date with a guy,
  • The trip to the country;
  • Travel and others.  

Hairstyles change in games about Moxie's as easy as clicking your fingers. Op, and Moxie have blondes, brunettes, brown-haired woman with hair the color or plum, peach, poppy, grass. You can think of them any hairstyle and hair color. Even the color is easy to change a single click, and light or rich chocolate tan announces that pupae were on the beach.

And, of course, will make a variety in your communication with Moxie:

  • Coloring;
  • Puzzles;
  • Search for items;  
  • Differences;
  • The paired images.  
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