Game Klondike online

Game Klondike


Online game Klondike affects the well-known theme of farming. Unlike other similar projects - this is not fixate only on the buildings and harvesting. Here you can explore the area constantly to discover new lands and collect from them a variety of wealth. When you complete all tasks in this section will be taken to another with more dangerous missions.
Become a discoverer of new land. Listen to your guide Klondike play he will get used to the new world. Here you will not be alone as a browser game and is intended primarily for social networking, offers a variety of neighbors - the real players. With them you will be able to trade, visit each other's homes and share a variety of gifts. To help friends or players in the initial stages will be very helpful to you ask them for advice.
At the beginning of the game you are given the simplest of tasks - it's mostly the construction of buildings and harvesting, which must first be planted. Completing quests, you'll gain experience and a variety of items that will be useful to you in the future. Explore necessarily the territory in search of untold riches, they can be anywhere, even under a tree. As long as your character performs one task, you'll be able to give him some more, which he will perform in turn. Therefore, you do not need to sit constantly at the monitor.
Klondike iPlayer - an exciting game for those who just want to have fun time and just relax. Carefully read the story, which is quite interesting, if you want to reveal all the secrets of this game.
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