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Game Charm Farm

Charm Farm

Dreamland is located in the quiet lush forests. It was inhabited by cute blue furry creature, this hard-working people called themselves Shmoo. The order and harmony maintained fairy godmother Kay, so they lived happily in a virtual world Charm Farm. But the peace did not last forever, the evil sorcerer Garp assembled an army of dark forces and attacked the magical land, villages were burned and Shmoo frightened and driven to the forest thicket. Kai cried out for help, please have her only one - to restore the settlements and to protect her world from the evil attacks Garp. The Magicians play users will for the good magician, he hastened to the aid of Kaya and took custody of his two young Shmoo when they build new homes, they are joined by other creatures hiding in the woods. Under the wise guidance of the wizard Shmoo little clear space for the city's future, cultivated land and plant magic plant. In order to start playing the Wizards registration is a necessity, it is very easy to pass, but coming back to the game again and again all the achieved results will be saved. Personal account in the game also allows you to go from any device connected to the Internet network. Magic Magicians game is a bit like a farm simulator, in the gardens grow magical plants. The pens are unseen animals that can breed and sell for good money. From Shmoo plant extract semolina, which the magician uses constantly, as each stroke of his staff spends wonderful dust. Despite this manna sources abound, so you can play for a long time. The world iPlayer Magicians thoroughly permeated with magic, Spell Tower produces magic scrolls, first they can be used only on the blue tents Shmoo, then they bring more gold, and eventually to the workers themselves hairy, they become much more agile and more efficient. When the city and its production grow, the scrolls will also be larger. Play the game Magicians fun with your friends, as it is multiplayer, friends, you can ask for useful items and mana, but you need to remember and give gifts to them, then they will be nice. Even friends can come visit and see how they have everything settle. The authors, in addition to the usual tasks and offer additional quests limited time passes they can earn good money or obtain scarce resources.
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