Warcraft games

Warcraft games

During the game Warcraft online before you stretches the world of Azeroth, with the ability to free dive into the magical reality and play, building a tower standing fortifications. Only then adjoin the knights and dragons, wizards and furies, archers and other heroes. Developing the event on his own script, you do not leave the boundaries of the magical country. You are waiting for an exciting battle, when enemies come together on the field and show your skills. Who will win and who will conquer more territories? Opportunities are not limited to, and you are the hero who led a detachment of the winners.

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The popularity of the game Warcraft

Warcraft games online The man is constantly pushing the boundaries of its existence. He has little real feelings and actions, and it creates a world of new opportunities, which are available even the most unreal things. The Warcraft universe has become so popular that even people calmly relating to computer games, were not indifferent to the new fun. The huge popularity of the product expressed in other ways – related products began to emerge in the form of posters to T-shirts, caps, mats under the computer mouse. It came as board and card games, comics and books.

This can be explained by the popularity of fast that people, especially adults, lack of magic in real life. They have grown out of the age when fairy tales are perceived as reality and experience some nostalgia for the lost. At the same time, World of Warcraft invites you to become part of something incredible, magic, where a fairy tale comes to life and not just a life of its own, and gives you the opportunity to govern themselves.

World of fantasy does not leave indifferent. The orcs, wizards, fairies, dragons and other characters inhabit a dream world. Very well matched for this genre of game – MMORPG where gamers in the face of his hero encounters with characters controlled by other players. Such multi-mode real-time gives an effect personal presence in the virtual world. Play Warcraft online, then build its own universe with its own rules, which would still, woven into the main, inherent in the idea of ​​the game.

The plot of the game Warcraft

Warcraft games online The temporary truce constantly violate skirmishes between the Alliance and the Horde, and Scourge, dragon Deathwing, the Burning Legion and other enemies that threaten Azeroth. Each race has its own culture and rulers. Some observe the world among themselves, but there will always be enemies. Ancient gods collected under his command of the army and the forces of evil sent to Azeroth otherworldly legions hungry sow chaos and fear.  

to select the direction you are Horde or Alliance – It depends on you. Becoming a resident of World of Warcraft, you will gain new friends and immerse yourself in a world of magic and witchcraft, where even the wildest fantasies become real, and not to see the end of the adventure. Your hero – this is your baby. Develop his ability to become a valuable and competent warrior. Only it depends on you, if he can reach those heights, which are capable of. Take part in the trials and battles, and it will bring you extra abilities and skills. As you play you will accumulate, and sometimes lose:

    • gold,
    • weapon;
    • artifacts;
    • magic items;
    • armor;  
    • The other items that are necessary to perform a given mission.
    • [thirty]

The more you have accumulated knowledge and skills, the higher the status of your character, and thus opportunities. Your exit from the game will retain all previously obtained as a character, but in return, you will be able to continue its virtual path to the point where you left off. Also, available to you to create several characters belonging to different races and develop them in parallel.

Warcraft games online Play Warcraft online is incredibly exciting, and it is not surprising that the first contact with this product becomes a real obsession. Colorful and quality locations worthy of all praise. Moving in the geography of the area, you will not feel discomfort and borders – change of scenery occurs smoothly and quietly, as if in real life. Amaze and other times – detailed graphics and its three-dimensionality. Also, there is the possibility of a single game for those who prefer this type of entertainment.

For many children, familiarity with the genre of strategy dates back to the consoles. On Szego was one the only game of this type – Dune. How much would these children then were not looking for anything like this within the 6-bit could not be found. But on the computer, all for the same teens unconditional firstborn of the genre, and for many computer games in general, has become a game of Warcraft 2. After the 16-bit capabilities Dunes this game just seemed monstrous progress: an incredible number of buildings and units, an interesting plot, briefings at the beginning of mission – all this has become a standard strategy game. The history of the war of men and orcs captured the players for a long time, making way for the search for the assault the enemy base and frantically defend against hordes of enemy.

Knights and archers, wizards and dragons, castles, towers of different types – all fascinated and attaches to the monitor for many weeks. And then came the third Warcraft. For some it was a continuation of the history, but for others – the fall of the classical standard. Despite the fact that the game was made entirely in the spirit of the classic version, many people could not accept the stark contrast of a graphic that has brought the world of military craft third. To avoid such errors so far managed only one game – the second part is even more eminent StarCraft.

In most cases, the continuation of the famous game game designers faced with the same problem: they could not keep the game schedule in the classical tradition. A particular record is considered to be a series of Heroes of Might and Magic, the creators of which have managed to release a number of games, not taken the gaming community. This is especially true of the fourth and fifth parts. Regarding Warcraft, the new races as new graphics, were finally taken players. Now this game – the standard discipline of eSports. Following this the players were able to play Warcraft online. Universe game has become one of the most popular MMORPG in the network.  

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