Angry Birds games

Angry Birds games

Do you think that the birds always fluffy and white, and their most important task to hatch the eggs in the nests? You're right, believing that for them the most important thing is the offspring, but because the enemy destroys the nest, the whole flock gets to his defense, and then do not expect mercy. Colourful and available to talk about it online game Angry Birds, in which you now have to play for free. When pigs have stolen their eggs, the birds have become a dangerous weapon and is now destroyed houses in retaliation of the enemy. Pigs have izmuchal restore them, reinforcing the different materials, but the birds at all uneasy.

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Angry Birds games online   Eternal War

Angry Birds games online For the first time a game about evil birds appeared in 2009. Since then, it has gained worldwide popularity, becoming a truly iconic entertainment. The classic version of the game Angry Birds was created for mobile devices, but pretty soon have the opportunity to play the game Angry Birds online on your computer. In the story, toys, green pigs love to feast on eggs and because they steal eggs from birds' nests. Those refusing to tolerate the mess and go to war against pigs. Each level of the game pig hiding in a certain structure, and the birds must destroy it and destroy the brazen thieves. To do this, they use a large slingshot, which themselves become projectiles. Gamer helps the birds to choose the trajectory and power of the shot, to spend as little carcasses to destroy the enemy.

In the game there are different types of birds. Initially available only the most simple – with red feathers. But at higher levels there are birds with unique capabilities:

  • blue turn into three birds in flight nucleus  
  • Black – explode on impact
  • green boomerang bird, able to fly through the castle twice pigs  
  • white bird-bombers, discharging on enemy buildings, egg shells

Angry Birds games online beastly defensive fortress also gradually improved, and their inhabitants are becoming more powerful. In addition to conventional pigs appear fighters wearing helmets, which are difficult to destroy. At the end of the game episodes to cope with the king of pigs – very strong boss. After the release of the first version of the computer began to appear numerous additions and variations. Classic fighting birds continued in several episodes with new levels and special editions of the game you can meet new characters and locations.  
For example, there is a series of Angry Birds Seasons, in which every game Angry Birds is dedicated to some holiday:

  • Halloween  
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day  
  • Day of Knowledge

Other games Angry Birds

After the release of the cartoon « Rio » there was a special version of the game Angry Birds, which was attended by cartoon characters: Blue Macaw parrots on Blu and Zhemchuzhinka. Angry Birds game even in space suit – a special space version of the game was presented at the International Space Station, and a separate series of games based on the space epic « Star Wars ». These toys are dressed in bird costumes robots druids or Jedi Luke Skywalker. So if you like to play Angry Birds – welcome to this section of our site where you will find not only the online game Angry Birds in space, but other versions of this fun. And yet you may like the game with the same gameplay, where the Orcs shoot at Viking castles or dogs destroying buildings cats.

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