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Walle games

The small and nimble robot cockroach – Here are the latest inhabitants of the earth, which was once inhabited by people. Now of them on the planet were only piles of garbage, which is trying to remove the Valley – clean sweep device last sample. How to entertain himself the last robot on earth will tell free online games Valley. Once he had enough and he decided to get out of the landfill. Having found a fire extinguisher, he hooked it on himself and pulled the lever. The jet of air sent him flying, and to stay on course, help him to avoid collision with junk. You have to play in the romantic plot, when Wally met with Eva and decided to kiss her.

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The impetus for reflection

Walle games Walle games « WALL-E » or WALL-E – animated film, recommended for all age categories. It refers to the crumb-robot that cleans waste from Earth. Lifeless planet is not pleasing to the eye – there is no vegetation and living organisms, but only towering mountains of garbage. Wali was alone and longingly recalls the old days when things were different. He understands that the former does not return and that he is the last who still breaks the silence of the abandoned world. WALL-E is short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class, which can be translated as: musoropogruzchik earthly class. The Russian-language interpretation of WALL-E is: Ecumenical Landscape Light Annihilator – Smart. One day he met another robot – Eve. She was a technologically advanced, and to show our hero special. First, he lost his head, but he soon became attached to her and loved all his electronic heart, which seemed to sleep kilograms of rust, and it beat quickened, shaking oil with a vengeance.

Games Valley continue the theme of environmental pollution, the current policy of developed countries and the threat posed to our planet hasty decisions rulers and ordinary citizens. But can be any screaming toward the current leadership, urging him to drastic measures to rid the natural resources, but if everyone did not begin to watch their manners, we did suffer the unenviable fate. Think how many times you throw gum wrapper on the sidewalk, leave plastic bottles of water on the benches and picnic after mountain wrappers, napkins and disposable utensils. In the cartoon Valley brings together a collection of such waste that were once left people unattended:

  • boxes,  
  • lighters,
  • Pictures,
  • plastic cases.

These « treasure » remind him about the people and the times when they are so thoughtlessly defile nature. While watching one can only wonder humanity two creatures that are man-made creations of man, but endowed with great kindness and humanism than their creators. Before you start, the creators of the cartoon go & hellip; on landfills, to study the work of cleaning equipment – her movements. And, despite the fact that the film is not the words, that is, the usual narration, dubbing on the project file was harvested in 2400! And it is in order to vividly convey the sounds of the running cockroach flying Eve and her plasma guns, sand storm on the left Earth, active movement Valley on a flat surface, and others.

Exciting game Valley

Walle games « WALL-E » won the competition for the best animated feature, received awards:  

  • Oscar,  
  • The Golden Globe,  
  • Saturn,  
  • The British Academy.  

Valley play is also worthy of attention and praise, presented in diversity, and each player will find a variety of ways to spend time with enthusiasm. Together with a friend of the hero – cockroach Hal play in cups. Insect hides under one of them, and you have to help the robot to find it.

Valli and Eve games captivate us on a journey through the world of space and constant concern for the purity of any means. They shot, ram, shoveling garbage, freeing territory for the revival of a new life. You can drag the playing field the same elements, building them in a row, so they disappeared. By removing unnecessary details with images, you also are contributing to clean. Matching – Another useful way to find all superfluous. Pass all the tests with the heroes and take a personal part in this battle against waste deposits that interfere.

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