Rio games

Rio games

To explore the blue macaw parrots, open free online game Rio. This section develops the theme of birds and enjoy socializing with the main character, you can make the company and other birds which have started something interesting and invite you into their company to play. Angry Birds continue the war against the pigs, in some versions, as the first speaker, our parrot. Yet you can come up with an image for him, having painted feathers, using crest, lush flower to him and luxurious tail. Another time I'll fly his wounds, the teachings in a skirmish, and locate camouflaged objects.

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Feathered friends

Rio games Rio games Life is beautiful and knows it even parrots that will entertain you during online games Rio. Music, comedy same cartoon, which appeared in 2011 and told us about the two blue macaws, whose name is darling and Zhemchuzhinka. Caught in a colorful jungle and provocative serenade among the cities of Brazil, you inspired with extraordinary atmosphere created by director Carlos Sanda, who also worked on the masterpiece of « Ice Age ».

The action takes place in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival, because it is called a cartoon. Once poachers caught chick blue macaws in the jungles of Brazil, but when transporting it across Minnesota, dropped out of the cage of the machine. She found and picked up the girl Linda, promising chick that will take care of him always. For fifteen years they lived without any problems. Darling became quite civilized parrot addicted to drink cocoa and sweet marshmallows and Linda runs a bookstore. But once it came the young ornithologist Tulio and saw Ducky, he said in Rio de Janeiro lives popugaiha same breed named Pearl, and they are the last of his kind. That it has not disappeared completely, feathered absolutely must meet. Naturally, Linda could not allow such beautiful birds became extinct, and with luck Tulio Ducky on a first date.

The way they fall into different situations and adventure brings not only joyful events. But when I saw her pet pearls, he fell in love with her without memory. However, the girl was in no hurry to reciprocate. She used to live in the wild, and her temper was wild, suspicious, exacting. In her presentation of the man should be aggressive males to repel the attack of the enemy, protect the nest to protect her and the offspring. Darling also reminded her shy klutz who is not prepared for life. It is not surprising, because living at home, my friend did not even know how to fly! This art he learned later, when saving a favorite of the incident aircraft.

Exciting Adventure Games Rio

Ahead of our friends waiting for a real scrape – a gang of poachers are back in business and on a tip cockatoo Nigel steal blue macaw. Here and useful Rio games duckies his acquired skills in civilization – he effortlessly opens the cage beak and makes any escape. In the event they find friends:

  • The family of toucans – Eve and Raphael,  
  • canary Nico,  
  • Cardinal red Pedro,  
  • bulldog Louis who tortured all his slobber.  

In spite of all the vicissitudes, the story ends with a happy end – Zhemchuzhinka Golubchik to marry and ready for a new adventure that promises to Carlos Santana in the new cartoon series.

And we are going to play free Rio enjoying fellowship funny birds. To start an experiment with the appearance of macaws, changing the color of its wings and beak, using clothing items and accessories. On foot put on shoes and also choose the color and the feathers on the head insert large flower. You can also take part in saving the birds from cages. Games offer Ingres Rio Angry Birds use as projectiles. A slingshot shooting them, fall into the boxes, so that they fell together with the cells from which flutter our parrots and relatives Evil Birds. And those who wish to feel like a poacher, we invite you to play the game Rio, where you have to shoot a gun nets. Your task is – catch more birds and earn your points. There are coloring, search numbers and letters in the image and building a series of identical blocks with birds.

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