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Game Sally's BBQ Joint

Sally's BBQ Joint

In the winter the city is constantly building, it lacked one thing - the dining room, where refreshments are real hard workers to continue their exhausting work in the cold. So Sally decided to open a simple diner, but which serves the freshest and delicious meat in the district. Sally BBQ Joint In the game you will see that does not necessarily make a good repair, and to lay the white tablecloths. Sally simple equipped for its barbecue - four long tables and four barbecue. But this does not mean that it will have few customers. After all, the smell of fresh meat on the fire spreads rapidly and visitors and run to Sally. She wants to better equip their cafés, and for that she needs the money, so you should not lose a single customer. Each of them will bring Sally a good profit if you have time to remove a plate from the table. But this is not the most important thing in the chef and manager of this institution. Sally must have time to cook the meat on the barbecue recipe and to have time to feed his hungry customers until he was angry that will not go away full. Each table has its own grill for a barbecue, make haste to send her and she instantly begins to fry the meat. A green bar will indicate the degree of readiness of dishes, but the customer is getting closer and closer to the exit, and there are already new visitors arrived. Especially it is necessary to quickly feed a huge bear. After each level you can buy improvement, if it considers it necessary. A larger piece of meat will bring pleasure to the client, and it will pay back for it, Sally cash equivalent, so do not neglect this upgrade. Sally dreams about making her barbecues less time to cook, so save enough money and getting more units heaped barbecue. Game BBQ Sally will give you the skills of small businessman who manages to serve its customers and cares about the progress. Only one client is not served and you have to start the level over again. Sally deserve to make a profit, because it is so hard to work without interruption. Try in the game Barbecue on the Sally show all his agility, speed and intelligence, watching each new client. They want to eat, which is not willing to wait their turn. It's too bad that you can not advance to prepare a few dishes, but Sally's BBQ and became popular thanks to its freshness.
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