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In the game you will find yourself Clop in the magic forest, where he met a beautiful snow-white creature that looked like a horse, but with a single horn on its forehead. It appears not all, and in front of you it opened because the magical character urgently need help. The poor man can not move, though his legs are completely free and totally confused. As we mentioned, the forest - the magic and live in it fabulous and fantastic animals and creatures, and, as a rule, among them there are evil witches or dark mages who love to do mischief is not only weak and helpless mushroom, wanders into a thicket, but their relatives - magical creatures. This time, in sight of a black magic unicorn appeared chaste luxury - a symbol of chastity. On the left a poor spell that destroyed his ability to move. Swap legs for the accident was an insoluble problem, he gets scared and falls. Real play Clop, and deliver the mythical horse. To do this you need KH keys to move the front legs, J, L - to control the hind legs. You need to simultaneously manage the keys to the unicorn moved not as paralyzed as well as beautiful and elegant as it did before the villains bewitched animal. The task seems simple, but you try and understand how difficult it is, the four legs. Unicorn - a magnificent animal is extraordinary, its image is shrouded in ancient legends and tales, he has magical healing powers, but to rid themselves of the influence of black magic can not, because he refers to white. Game Clop simple and simultaneously complex, realistic graphics will please the user, you will have a full sense of leadership character, he is very sensitive to your controls and obey. And he remains a poor man, and now his life depends on your skillful clicking of the keyboard. He galloped up to a beautiful virgin, and she was able to remove the spell and return the unicorn old become and beauty. Enjoy the game on any mobile and stationary electronic media.
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