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Game Metal Animal

Metal Animal

In this world there are only animals, and of course they are in a constant state of war. And you also have to dive into it in the game Metal Animals, helping one tank to cope with this task for him. And all the time you need to go forward, overcoming the resistance of the enemy. To this end, the tank has three slots, where you and will put their fighters. You have three types of them: grenadier, machine gunner and mechanic. Lifetime of them very short and, therefore, you'll have all the time to update your soldiers by dragging them from the lower slots. And the tank has a main gun, firing from which you have personally. For this purpose there is a special button in the bottom right corner. Remember that to recharge takes a few seconds. Be prepared for the fact that from time to time you will encounter bosses and then require all your skill to the tank continued to move. Onslaught opponent will grow all the time and you need to ensure that all cells in the tank were busy and certainly one slot must be occupied by a mechanic. Without it, the tank very quickly goes down in the game Metal animals. If you lose, you will be able to get into the hangar, where you will be able to upgrade your tank, using the earned during the previous raid gold coins. After that immediately hit the road on an upgraded technology that will allow you to continue for a longer distance on enemy land.
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