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Game Sudoku Classic

Sudoku Classic

We invite you to the coast, you inviting golden sand and blue sea, but to lie and sunbathe you will not have in the game Beach Sudoku you will take a fascinating thing - solving a Sudoku puzzle. You certainly surprised and say that the beach is not the place to deal with the decision of brainteasers with the arrangement of numbers in cells, do not have my paper and pencil eraser. The solution is simple - we have drawn a grid of 9x9 squares directly on the sand, and had to place a few numbers. Add the rest, which is not enough, and solve the puzzle. The rules of sudoku know almost everything, but we will repeat for sure: the number should not be repeated horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Click on the cell where you want to put a number, and select it from the pop-window. If the number is wrong, Beach Sudoku game will tell you this, noting the stated number of red cross. Sudoku - one of the most popular games, but it is not always convenient to carry a magazine or newspaper with puzzles, so we offer you our game, which is beautifully reproduced on compact mobile media. This allows you to play in any place where the Internet is available. The sandy field in the game gives the impression that you're on a sunny beach, just a lazy, warm and play. Do not miss the puzzle lovers loaf she will like. By the way, you can choose from three levels of difficulty.
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