Game Power Mahjong The Journey online

Game Power Mahjong The Journey

Game Power Mahjong The Journey online.

We invite you on a journey along the Great Wall of China in the game Power Mahjong The Journey. Wall is in China and is the largest architectural structure, its length is almost nine kilometers, the construction lasted ten years and was associated with grand challenges. Our heroine, cute panda is going to walk through the giant sights during a walk she will stop to consider the neighborhood, old masonry, and you at this time to quickly solve puzzles, removing the tiles from the field on two identical mahjong. Without successfully cleaning the field you can not go to the next level, and panda and did not budge. Play Power Mahjong The Journey and go twenty-five levels with the maximum speed to capitalize on each of three stars. Do not hold your panda traveler, so she had to go across the wall and did not catch a cold in the wind. The height of the wall from seven to nine meters, with towers. The towers were built simultaneously with the wall and are at a distance of two hundred meters from each other - this is the distance at which the flying arrow. While panda walking on the wall, you are conveniently located from your tablet, smartphone or laptop, will enter the site and discover the game Power Mahjong The Journey, to quickly and deftly to disassemble a pyramid of tiles with different patterns while playing online.