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Game Monsterjong


The famous vampire, Frankenstein, and mnogoglazka Bigfoot monster octopus invented for you a funny game Monsterjong - mahjong by monsters. This is a gift for the upcoming holiday Halloween. On the tiles instead of characters they have put their own images, pictures creepy worms, malicious burning eyes, in general, not a sight for the faint of heart. Feast of All Saints collects monsters of different colors together, they share news, develop new evil plans and the people wear masks of the same monsters to scare them and drive off away from their homes and protect themselves from the evil influence. Besides dressing in scary costumes, Halloween mandatory attribute of a pumpkin carved with holes in the form of the eyes and mouth. In the inside of the candle is inserted and turns frightful spectacle - a monster with glowing eyes, called lantern Jack. As we do not put the game Monsterjong task to scare you nervous hiccups, our only desire was - you make a fun pastime. With mahjong time will fly by quickly, and the image will bring unusual flavor to the game. The rules remain the same - to disassemble a pyramid at every level up to the last brick. Remove two tiles with the same images. The panel auxiliary buttons are at the bottom, they will help you find the options that you have not noticed, mix elements on the field, unless moves left. Enjoy the game Monsterjong, playing online on any media, without overloading your tablet or smartphone extra megabyte. You do not need to install additional software to reproduce the game, just go to the browser, with any, and play as you like.
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