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Game Fruit Chef

Fruit Chef

In the kitchen of any restaurant or cafe should be a skilled chef, who easily settle accounts not only with meat but also will cut fruits and vegetables in one motion of the knife blade. So in this kitchen requires a craftsman that you can be in FruitChef game. To do this, you'll have a long time to train not to miss any good fruit. If you can do it at one stroke, cut the two products, you get combo points. For every good slice of the fruit you are awarded coins. After the game, go to the store and to successfully pass the next round, purchase more convenient tool. This can be a huge and sharp sword that will cut in half the fruit better. The game Fruit Chef you will know that the kitchen can be the bases of malicious competitors who also want to get the position of chef. Therefore, you will throw the cats, and if you did not notice, the poor kitty is not very lucky. Only three mistakes you can avoid this competition, and the third would be the most fatal. Only cats with this option will not work. Just one mistake and you're out of the game Fruit vypadesh cook. But if by this time you have collected enough money, you'll be able to enter into a new level with super weapons, buying it in advance. But if at the beginning of the game Fruit Chef you will receive one fruit, the further you will see a lot more, and you will have as much time to have time to cut them. Sometimes you even see a lighted bomb that can explode your knife touches. Cut the fruit quickly and accurately to quickly accumulate coins for new purchases. You can not even imagine how to cut a sharp knife. It is impossible to break away from the cutting of fruit such a great tool. And with every profit you can improve your weapon for cutting.
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