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Game Orange Ranch

Orange Ranch

Game Orange Ranch is a continuation of the classic toy with balls and oranges. We decided to put the usual churning balls into the story and make you show not only dexterity and skill, but also strategic thinking. You have to create your own ranch, where you will grow orange trees. As long as you have only a single fruit-bearing tree and the counter for sale ripe harvest. To fruits appeared in the box for customers, you must go to the field, where the orange fruit is a prisoner of the multi-colored bubbles. Shooting the balls, form three or more of the same in the group to make them fall. Not sure to remove all the balls enough to those that keep the fruit. After the liberation of the fetus move in selling the game Orange Ranch mode. Appeared and buyers will buy the product, and used the money you can buy an additional number of new trees, the former is better with a large number of fruits. Harvest is possible and necessary process, creating fresh juices and ice cream, but you need special machines and mechanisms, which can also be bought in the shop, after you will have enough denezhek. Develop and expand the farm, it will contribute to your successful battle with balls. Try to quickly get oranges from multi-colored environment, using logic and wit. Game Orange Ranch interesting, when it combines several genres, in this case - it is a strategy and balls, so it will appeal to fans of both genres and so fans will have twice as many toys as a minimum. When there is a story and the game makes you think - it's always interesting. Play at home and abroad, now it's not a problem. Any toy mobile devices reproduce equally well and you do not part with your favorite characters long.
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