Game Katana Fruits online

Game Katana Fruits

Game Katana Fruits online.

In ancient Japan, there was a special caste of soldiers who were called samurais. They lived under a specific military code and mastered all types of weapons that existed at that time. But all such a basic type of weapon that they used was the Japanese sword of the katana. In mastery of his possession, they reached simply beyond the bounds of mastery. But all this was achieved through numerous and strengthened training. Today in the game Katana Fruits we will take part in one of these exercises. We will stand with a katana in hand. Before us, different fruits will come out from different directions. Our task is to cut them in half and earn points. This is done simply. And so you cut it in half. With every minute the amount of fruit flying out from different sides will increase so that you will have to sweat fairly that would cut them all. The main thing is not to let not one of them fall, otherwise you will lose the round. Also, avoid grenades with a burning wick. After all, if you cut a bomb, an explosion will occur and you will lose again. The game Katana Fruits is quite interesting and fascinating. With a cool dynamic storyline and superbly drawn graphics. By opening Katana Fruits on our website you will have fun while exercising your agility and speed of reaction.