Game Kitty Hospital Recovery online

Game Kitty Hospital Recovery

Game Kitty Hospital Recovery online.

The game Kitty Hospital Recovery we will introduce you to a young playful cat Kitty. She is very happy and cheerful, and on the weekends loves to roller skate in the park. But then on one of the trips she unsuccessfully stumbled and fell into the bushes. In the fall she was injured and she called an ambulance which took her to the hospital. Are you in the role of the doctor on duty will be to treat it. The first thing you disguise it in a special hospital clothes and give a painkiller that will mute the pain. After that, with the help of surgical instruments you pull out all the wooden splinters from her body. By doing this you will be able to handle a special ointment that kills germs all her wounds. Taking X-ray enlighten her body and find all broken. Finding them is entitled to the bones in place and apply a plaster. After some time, you can remove the plaster and our heroine will once again healthy. The smile on her face will tell you that the treatment went for her future and she was again able to roller skate in the park. Game Kitty Hospital Recovery is designed for the youngest of our players. We are confident that the opening Kitty Hospital Recovery on our website they are happy to spend their time playing it.