Game Shiba rescue : dogs and puppies online

Game Shiba rescue : dogs and puppies

Shiba rescue : dogs and puppies

The dogs of certain breeds always go in flocks. They protect each other and hunt together. But if they wander away during the pursuit of game, then they can not find their way home. The Shiba rescue game: dogs and puppies you need to specify the way home is a pack of dogs and puppies. At each level you are given a limited number of arrows, which are able to send your wards in the right direction. Before you let them know about the team moving, thoughtful, and set the path of the arrow. According to him, they will be able to get home, if you do not make a mistake. Play Rescue Chiba dogs and puppies are curious and fun, because every time there will be a new track, other obstacles and even dangers in the form of enemies. To overcome all that you need to have logical thinking. Think like a pack of dogs run, if you put an arrow. If they have no other option, as soon go home, then you did the right solution to this problem. After each mileage level of the game Salvation Chiba dogs and puppies you will be awarded points for the mind and thinking, as well as get gold stars for speed in decision-making. At all levels, you will see a very different job, but I thought, you can find a way out.
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