Game Flip Goal online

Game Flip Goal

Flip Goal

We invite you to our mini football match in the Flip Goal game. It consists of many levels and in each one you need to score three goals to win. The number of players will change towards an increase in their number. If at first there will be only two of them, not counting the goalkeeper, then more and more. The battle will mostly take place between the goalkeepers. You will be in control of what is closer to you. When you are about to hit the ball, you can first aim the crosshair using the dotted guide line. It will help you determine the correct direction of impact. It is not a fact that during the flight of the ball, the players may move and a ricochet will occur. Be alert and prepare for the fact that the ball may return to your side, move the goalkeeper to hit it and send it back towards the opponent's goal. Over time, you will be able to change the shape of the players and the color of the ball.
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