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Key & Shield

Do not miss a fun adventure with a funny character in the Key & Shield game. Welcome to the fabulous virtual world, it is colorful, beautiful with green platforms on which bloom beautiful flowers. But even in such a wonderful place very bad things happen. One villain came from distant places, to capture prisoners and to take with them. He cunningly trapped a couple of dozens of creatures and locked in a cell. Round yellow character is worn with a shield, his arms - the golden key that opens the locks, hanging on the cells, and the cells are sitting in those who will brave to release, if will reach safely. The path ahead no easy, everywhere solid obstacles, bottomless pits, and a lot of enemies. Do not leave the hero alone in a huge world full of dangers. Key & Shield game for those who like dynamic arcade and noble risk. The villain does not want to give back the hostages, he nashlёt his henchmen intercept the hero to stop him at all costs. Here the brave defender of the downtrodden and the oppressed and protects a large blue shield. He will not let the enemy shock to reach the goal. If you play in the Key & Shield on the computer, use the arrows and ZX button to jump and the control shield. When using mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone, proceed arrows and letters, painted directly on the screen.
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