Game Escape Masters HTML5 online

Game Escape Masters HTML5

Game Escape Masters HTML5 online.

Nobody wants to go to jail, even those who are guilty of crimes committed. The hero of the game Escape Masters HTML5 thundered into the dungeons for nothing. An unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, betrayal of friends, insidiousness of enemies did their job and here the poor man sits with a metal ball on his ankle. He was given ten years, but the conditions are such that he will not last even a couple of years. He decided to flee and conspired with his cellmates, who had already begun digging. There was only one friend left in the wild, who would drive the ice cream van to safety and pick up the fugitives, no matter how many of them there were. You will help to dig a tunnel so that the prisoners can pass and get to the exit. You can collect coins and crystals along the way.