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Backyard Heroes

Before us is a new exciting game from the company Backyard Heroes KiZi known developer of touch games for people of all ages. In this game we remember childhood days when his yard now stood guard over his yard from bullies. So, the story is quite simple, your team of a few people have to fight back all the bullies who live in your town. Coming into a yard, you will see opponents, who immediately rush at you with weapons in their hands, and your job is tough to teach all of them, so much so that they would never bully. In your team of three characters, each of which has its own unique methods, weapons and methods of warfare. they will learn carefully. After all, some of them are attacking one or several techniques at once. As one of the characters have the ability to mass treatment, the other to the protection of all of the damage. The game is turn-based, so that would make hot extends certain character from the selection pane, we choose what kind of skills we are now applicable. After your stroke should turn your opponents. Remember that spending battles will be more difficult with each level. The number of enemies will increase, and so they will have certain unique abilities that can harm you or protect bullies from your blows. Management is quite simple and is carried out by a click on the touch screen or with the mouse. Game Backyard Heroes has its beautiful and unique graphics, it seems that the characters as living. Just all the action takes place under the musical accompaniment. No age restrictions, so the game Backyard Heroes will be interesting to representatives of different ages. You can play it both online and downloading on their tablet, mobile phone or computer. If you play straight on the Internet you will be able to register using the accounts of social networking. Then all your achievements will be published on the page and you can enter the number of the strongest players in this game. Invite your friends, fight and defeat all evil bullies in this game. Just spend a fun and exciting time.
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