Game Hero Rescue online

Game Hero Rescue

Game Hero Rescue online.

Brave heroes help out of trouble and sometimes even save the world, but sometimes they themselves need help, like a character from the Hero Rescue game. He went in search of the princess and the treasure, but found himself trapped in an intricate and very dangerous labyrinth. It would be much easier to go one-on-one with a dragon, undead, or other strong and dangerous opponents, but you can't argue against circumstances. And they are such that the hero cannot get out without outside help. And for this you do not need heroic strength, logical reasoning and attentiveness are enough. Pull out the golden pins in the correct sequence and then the hero will not find himself under the streams of boiling lava or in the clutches of a predator. Instead, he will be bombarded with gold coins and gems, and the princess will kiss him in gratitude for saving him in Hero Rescue.