Game Ninja Kid vs Zombies online

Game Ninja Kid vs Zombies

Ninja Kid vs Zombies

Zombies have long and firmly hold the world in their stinky feet, they are given complete freedom of action, green corpses roam the world and feel the complete masters. If a healthy adult uncles can not cope with the half-dead monsters, for the work will go to the kids and it will be an epic battle Ninja Kid vs Zombies. Let the thugs cry from powerlessness and Ninja Kids chop the cabbage all the walking undead and lay them to the feet of adults who gave up and lost hope. Select one character between the formidable young samurai in a pointed hat, a girl or a boy ninja. Do not look at their miniature height and innocent appearance. Kids skillfully cope with different kinds of weapons, especially with a huge samurai sword. One swing of the steel blade and the zombies will roll heads as footballs on a field gun with time may be updated and improved, so that the dead are not used to and did not find opposition. Embark on a heroic crusade to clean up the beautiful virtual world of vile rotting corpses, which pinned the baseball caps and try to pose as real live people. Move, driving arrows, jumping collecting coins, the game Ninja Kid vs Zombies will not let you relax for a second, you do not leave the baby alone in front of crowds of bloodthirsty creatures. Seeing the path drawers, do not pass by, use a sword to shred them into chips and pick fragrant ripe fruit, so as soon as possible, otherwise they will disappear quickly, and the hero is necessary to eat, there is still a lot of zombies and work.
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