Game Virtual Voodoo online

Game Virtual Voodoo

Game Virtual Voodoo online.

In some witchcraft rituals, a specially made so-called voodoo doll is used. She is pricked with pins, cut, burned and so on. According to the ritual, what is done with the doll directly happens to the one for whom it was made. In the game Virtual Voodoo you will not perform any black magic rituals, and the doll that appears in front of you can be tortured as you like and no one will be cold or hot from this. Soon it will become easier for you, because you will throw all your negativity onto the rattle puppet. Discover different ways of torture gradually. First a stick, then needles, a bus, fire, puddles, a crowd of spiders, and so on. Try to fill the scale in the upper right corner in Virtual Voodoo.