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Despicable Me games

It's time to smile and playing The Ugly I . This funny story was due to an unusual scenario and characters, among which the most memorable minions. The crowd of unknown origin creatures glasses, overalls and yellow oblong calves in itself is worth a lot. You will certainly be able to play for free online with them and by Mr. Grew to perform espionage missions, and just have fun. Sometimes minions teeth ache, and you can treat them, and when they will perform the next task master, do not be surprised if they will hunt for dinosaur clutch of eggs.

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It's not an evil villain

Despicable Me games to be a villain, like virtue, it is not easy – there is always the temptation to go over to the opposite side. Grew Felonius Mekson of animated film « Despicable Me » She struggled to maintain its reputation as a supervillain, artful and bold, but met a girl orphaned, he suddenly softened and even became their guardian. For a while he was still trying to get out from under their charm, but could not.

Despicable Me games Rolling engaged cartoon studio Universal. Our viewers saw him in 2010, as well as a version of 3D. Even adult audience imbued with the plot and the humor with which the product is presented with. Especially interesting it seems to find writers with minions – little yellow creatures that accompany and help Grew around. They are funny and cheerful, love to frolic, to splash out, do not forget to execute the instructions of his master. It is not always harmoniously, and their actions are frequent incidents, but not fatal – the problem can be corrected, and wrap the situation for the better.

Unpredictable game Despicable Me

fascinating history harmoniously develop the game ugly Ya Minions most often appear in the game themes and gamers can enjoy socializing in different directions. And since the film has continued, and the game Despicable Me 2 is also presented for your review. You have to solve difficult tasks, helping the heroes to fulfill the mission. Grew criminal past haunts him – on the way there are old friends who continue to preach the crime. Vector has always had the reputation of a loser, but persisted in his experiments with weapons, and when it fails, it just steals innovative ideas from others. Now he got to the warehouse Grew and stole his most dangerous weapons, and bring it back to our hero goes on a mission minions.

Despicable Me games pass the levels I'm ugly game, collect items, but avoid meeting with robots and other mechanisms. When one period of the path will be stripped, opens the way for the new. Keeping careful, though do not forget about the transience of time allotted for each level. Only by doing all the tasks you will discover Vectors evil and save the world from his evil plans. Will you and other games Despicable Me Action, where minions courage again and again manifest itself.

  • The whole army they oppose the enemy, but they themselves are suffering losses. Repulsing the attacks of the enemy, do not forget to take the wounded from the battlefield. Carefully studying the conditions of the game, you will certainly cope with every difficult situation.  
  • On another occasion, have to help the yellow kids produce valuable minerals in the mine. Artillery drill, drill new holes and reassemble the find. To knowingly save battery equipment, use radar that accurately indicate the location of mineral deposits. Gradually, you will get access to improvements in equipment and yourself at greater depths where lie the most valuable species.  

More than once I run the game ugly offer treasure, enemies, and escape from the enemy. And while some players prefer the dynamics of events, others will be able to have fun for fun more relaxed entertainment. I'll fly minions teeth or eyes, paint the pictures in them, or tossed darts, playing darts when attached to a rotating disk is one of the little helpers Grew. It is also fun to look for items specified in the job, and at the same time consider the scene from the cartoon, have stood in the same frame. Looking at them, you remember the story, recall it in the pictures. Each game will bring you joy, allowing to take part in the life of the characters in person, and no one can resist such a temptation.


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