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Here is a boy genius of the online game Dexter's Laboratory. To help you look at his laboratory experiments, he allowed, start to play for free, and help deal with the obnoxious sister Dee Dee, who although older than the protagonist, but rather the irresponsible and clumsy girl. Once inside the office brother, she can arrange dancing with a glass of milk, which spilled on the floor at a crucial moment. Only because of your management of Dexter in a puddle will not come, do not slip, and the chemical composition of the tubes do not drop it. You are waiting for different adventures with a scientific bias.
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Games Dexter's Laboratory: the birth of a genius Lucky to be born just some geeks! Science is given to them easily, and they are favorites of teachers. On the so-nugget tell the game Dexter's Laboratory, which was preceded by the eponymous animated series in the genre of science fiction. Knowing the animated version of Dexter, anticipating his adventures in the virtual space of the game, Dexter. He continues to experiment, to generate new inventions, inspired by the works of Einstein, whose portrait hangs in his locker on the wall in the laboratory. From the first days after birth, he showed himself a unique child, even a baby, he was not particularly attractive - with a large, disproportionate head. The father even thought that his mental disabilities, but the doctor assured him otherwise. Like all geeks, Dexter poor eyesight - he wears glasses with thick lenses. For all the subjects he is fine, but with exercise did not happen. He considers it useless in the laboratory creates a bogus note from the parents to free themselves from the exercise, and instead go to the library or work in the laboratory, which he had built under the earth to the entrance of his room. Its existence, he keeps a closely guarded secret, but the elder sister found out about it, and now she gets there, and all the spoils. Dexter Family • Dee Dee - eleven year old sister of the main character. She loves pink clothes, sweet, gentle, cheerful, but very stupid person, adoring press on the beautiful buttons. With friends Mi-Mi and Lee-Lee talks nearly all the time, riding a bicycle, skating, and the house gets to the lab of five brothers. It attracts a lot of lights and buttons, which she presses, which leads to devastating effect. A tune up, starts to dance, sweeping collected Dexter mechanisms. • Daddy Dexter - not the most clever people. His main leisure - reading newspapers, watching sports channels, sometimes playing golf, often sleeping on the couch. • Mama Dexter once treated in the hospital for fear of microbes, where she met her husband, who worked there as an assistant. It will lead to hygiene and have difficulty communicating with the outside world. Wearing rubber gloves as constantly cleans, washes, washing, cooking. • Mendark - Dexter opponent. He is also clever and has a laboratory, exceeds the size of the laboratory of the protagonist. He is taller, but also in the points. Growing up, it awakened the evil genius who directs its research to conquer the world. The scientific adventure In the laboratory, the genius child anything can happen. Putting ourselves a fantastic challenge, you do not know what would be the result. During the game you have to Dexter do a lot of jobs, and often eliminate the consequences of a bad experience. Why, they ask, Dexter cloned chickens? Now we have to catch them, building a fence with a laser device. Practice on one chicken, because soon they would be too much. Then the boy started a new experiment, and he had to fill the flask green chemicals, but the lab is worn his unruly sister a glass of milk, spilling the contents onto the floor. So easily overlooked, step on a puddle and fall. Then all is lost! Even during the game Dexter's Laboratory you will hunt for the flying red eyes to drip anything until they evaporate, and find lost robot. And to make a surprise, prepare a room for a family portrait photography, spreading it in a few items.

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