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Bomb it games

Colorful series online game Bomb it invites free to play with cute little men. They live in a small world by their own rules, too reminiscent of the history of Bomberman. Take leadership of militant-minded characters, and help them to build new paths in the maze. Lay a bomb and go to the enemy. Collected bonuses will make the characters more perfect, giving special powers and extra lives. Try to dispose of this gift wisely to win all the levels of each series in the same breath.
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Game Bomb it this and this and this, and everything!
Retaining the basic idea, the developers have made to the series of charm and fascination. Instead of a single character in front of you eight different colored robots: five boys and three girls. All of these different colors, and thus recognizable. In addition, you can give them unique features, as well as to make other settings, selecting:

  • Slozhnost prohozhdeniya
  • Vneshnost personazha
  • Kartu
  • Kolichestvo protivnikov
  • Chislo igrokov

So your hero you'll roam the motley world, passing the maze, and laying new arch barriers, whatever they were, walls or hedges. It is especially interesting to do during the game for two Bomb it, because the presence of another person gives the excitement of the process.

Pristupaem to minirovaniya


Personazhi look cute crumbs during the game Bomb it, always smiling and openly look into the eyes. But the children's appearance is deceptive, because behind it lies the soul of the Demoman, a true warrior and desperate adventurer.
Each of the toys their job, but they are carried out in one way mining of the object and its destruction. Opponents, too, must be eradicated, using the same method of subversion. Lure an opponent into a trap, seal the output of the bomb and run themselves to the shock wave accidentally hooked you. In this version, try to trim boxes with bonuses and receive gifts: powerful bombs, multipliers and accelerators.
All parts of the game Bomb it, and it is seven series will be held in the arcade mode, where it is necessary to overthrow the enemies remained very sound. Most toy additional tasks will be identical: to collect on the map 10 coins before the enemy and the first to destroy 10 enemies. But other games contain a unique approach. For example, the plot of the game Blast is 6 besides the fact that you need to perform the basic mission, will have to compete with other bombermenami, even if you play in single player mode. Game Blast it Territory 7 involves the collection of all the stars at the site and the ability to freeze monsters.

Explode with a smile

Prepare for adventure amazing and exciting. You will have the freedom to choose the venue of the show with bombs and explosions: a water park, cafes, a cinema, a library and the tomb of the pharaoh. You can play with a partner, or become lonely bombermenom. Blast barriers safely using existing shells and get a bonus with advanced options. Even the hammer will be a threat for the opponents, to be bold and assertive. Become a super strong, resourceful and incredibly fast, win races and lay a new way to reach the dominant purpose.

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