Epic War games

Epic War games

The magical-fantastic country again problems with wild, unbridled, evil orcs. Have humans, elves, hobbits and dwarves to take up arms to punish the enemy. Help such different peoples to defend their common ground, starting to play free online games Epic war. Mission difficult and dangerous, but the common goal heroes inspire courage. Strengthen their castles, armed forces, train them in battles and pick up skills. Earned experience will help to improve the armament of troops and castles in order to discard the onslaught of new enemies: demons, skeletons and monsters.
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Igry Epic War: a fantastic saga

Brauzernye and client toys abound with examples of gaming products in the genre of turn-based strategy on the theme of fantasy. Quite a bit of decent fun flash can result in the same direction, and therefore the game Epic War will become a godsend for the fine connoisseur of fantastic adventures. In the toy has the elements to make the process exciting, interesting, saturated.

Epic War games online Epic War games online Creating a script for the game Epic War, the authors decided to go a proven way.

  • Vybirayte class hero
  • Vypolnyat necessary harakteristik


  • Sozdavayte armii
  • Nakaplivayte manu
  • Zaschischayte castle from nepriyatelya
  • Peredvigaytes on karte


Pogruzhenie games Epic voyna

Why invent the wheel when it already exists, and is sufficient to adapt it for their own purposes. Remember the Heroes series of games, and you'll control the game Epic War principle.
Explore Median land, and see what a people inhabiting them. Are you sure you meet the hobbits, elves, orcs, goblins, knights and other creatures. Each possesses a weapon and is ready to fight for their interests. A little exercise, and natural skills will become a great talent. You will find those who deftly rides, expertly managed with a sword, ax, archery, weaving spells great cures and attacks on the sly.
Each battle hardened makes you smarter. You begin to better understand the enemy's plan and stronger hold in their hands a heavy weapon, bristle halberds, swords and double-edged axes and arrows running further. Win the battle half the battle, because in front of the whole war. Earn mana, which is given for mission success, and spend it on equipment and other necessary things. The more units you have, the more reliable will be the protection of the castle, which must be defended at the cost of life. It is necessary to hand over the position, and the enemy will cross the wall, and then take him inside.
Your hero will be assistants, very useful on the battlefield. They rush forward, in order to destroy the enemy, who took the lead, allowing you to make a final sweep. They look just fabulous battle, because they involve mythical creatures, chariots of fire, winged dragons, wizards create magic, transforming each wave of the hand in the lights of fireworks.
During the game Epic War used the familiar management system:

Geroy it everywhere geroy

The fate of the soldier to strip the weapon there, where it will be sent.

  • Epic War games online ASDF shoot
  • QWE build elementy
  • 1-4 produce boytsov
  • 5-7 call elementy
  • R larger many
  • Probel special ataka
  • Strelki up / down select the flight strel
  • Strelki right / left survey the (scroll) field bitvy

Choosing the path of a soldier, he realizes that he refuses to goodwill, and is forced to obey orders and to win in any conditions.
you will be surrounded by the bare steppe, cold stones, ice fields, and even an infernal abyss, as in the case of the fifth part of the game Epic War. This is perhaps the most demanded due to a series of colorful landscapes of the Firelands and terrifying enemies. The impressive size of the enemy inspires awe, but do not be confused menacing grin and sharp claws. Do you have what they oppose hardened steel knives, which directs the firm hand of a warrior.
Be resolute, courageous and energetic during the game Epic War, and then by a large, well-trained army, you hold the siege of the fortress, drop the enemy forces back and strengthen their positions. Military Saga has a lot of sequels, and you will find a long trek, the protection of their territories, and the conquest of others.


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