Age of War games

Age of War games

Go through all the stages of human development in the war. From primitive weapons, go to the modern, and then step into the future. Start now for free to play online games Age of War, and use the tactics of military prowess against the enemy. How many of you will jump into the next era, he will get a good chance to win the battle. Tread changing infantry cavalry, but at first the soldiers are saddled dinosaurs, and only after reaching the Middle Ages, will replace skins, stones and lizards on the armor, swords and horses. Then wait for an offensive of tanks and shot from the laser gun.
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Games Age of War: the battle at all times

How many people, so many go to war. We just had to stand on two feet and start to learn a new gait unsteady gait, leaning on a stick, in the head already matured idea away from a neighboring tribe its territory. Aliens land always seem more noble and rich in livestock and land caves and deeper. As they say, in a strange meadow grass is greener, the sun is hotter and the water in the creek tastier.
Since then, nothing has changed except the ideas, tactics and war casualties. History appears before you in a compressed version of the game Age of War. If you want to go through the era of changing the club on a spear, and then on his bow, and so on down to the fantastic weapons, conveniently located, and start from the beginning.

Strategy -long infinity

Age of War games Age of War games Age of War originated in the distant stone age, when with batons at the ready cavemen army went to the neighbors. How fast early humans evolve and move on to more sophisticated methods of war, it depends on your strategy.
Icon adjust the recruitment of soldiers, armed with various weapons. Some applied baton blows, the other stabbing spear, and soon there will be primitive tanks – soldiers saddling dinosaurs. Each military unit is worth a certain number of points, which are produced in the process of passing. Each dead alien warrior brings points, and the more serious the defeated enemy, the more points accrued for him.
– Your mission is to protect your home and capture the enemy. Hurry the first to progress from – cavemen turn to the representatives of the advanced tribe, then you will find a valiant medieval knights in armor, then gunpowder weapons, catapults, cavalry, cannons, tanks, lasers and even a magical sphere.
The use of magic is particularly active use of the game Age of War 2, where the arena appear Egyptian priests with a scepter, tossing lightning; divine beings with animal heads and wings. After such a fabulous time in the arena will be modern warriors, clothed in the form of special forces, armed with machetes and firearms.
For the first time there are tanks, anti-aircraft guns and other powerful armored vehicles, and soon next to them will be the army of androids and Transformers. These guys plasma weapons, but it is not the limit. There are various mutants with super powers and abilities, tenacious and virtually invincible. The only good news is that you and the opponent an equal chance to reach a higher level of development and get unique troops.
Games for Boys Age of War allows you to get ahead of the enemy, and take him before the base. It is interesting to observe what metamorphoses and the terrain. Natural cleft replaced by man-made, then there are huts, castles, bunkers with radars and laser guns, capable of one beam to destroy the whole army of the enemy.

The farther, the more fun

Age of War games If the first play of the game Age authors have proposed a more or less reliable weapon of war, in the Proceedings of the plot away from the realities, immersing us in the mythology and fantasy. The second part is an easy warm-up, but the third is already in full swing uses griffins, orcs, mages, dragons.
snipers and mortars fighting the Chimera, and act against submarines and airships biplanes. But whatever free game Age of War you choose, do not change the problem:

  • Nabirayte army various voinov
  • Unichtozhayte enemy and earn valyutu
  • Zaschitite his territoriyu
  • Zahvatite chuzhuyu
  • Evolyutsioniruyte to higher levels before protivnika
  • Proydite all levels.
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