Bloons Tower Defense games

Bloons Tower Defense games

Do you like to play for free in the strategy? The inflatable bladders placed enemies of different dangerous viruses and chemical weapons - toxic gases. Now, this arsenal of moves in the direction of your possessions.
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Games Bluns tower defense: The war with the attacking balls

Bloons Tower Defense games

Wars are fought by all means. To achieve the objectives using the most cunning, artful and unusual ways. True generals have not resorted to the open frontal attack, and come up with a cunning moves.
Sometimes in the course are even ideas from mythology, and tower defense games Bluns can be compared to a Trojan horse. Just inside the wooden horse during the war and the Greeks even when the Trojans were hiding soldiers, and in this case, the balloons are within deadly virus.

Otrazite air ataku

The idea to launch the ball into each bacteria and send them through the air to the kingdom of monkeys, quite original. Here are just tailed monkeys saw through the trick, and retaliated. They evacuated the city in a safe area, and themselves took up positions on the approaches to the border. Launching games Bluns tower defense, you become a captain of the detachment, which is to deal with the existing technology, and repel the enemy.

  • Nanimayte new militant obezyan
  • Pokupayte longer oruzhiya
  • Povyshayte characteristics monkeys and weapons to better withstand attacks nepriyatelya

Arsenal will gradually grow, and it will be a powerful gun, boomerangs, bomb throwers needles and freezing plant. In the meantime, place on the lawns of monkeys armed with a spike, and they prick each ball individually. While the enemy at little, perfectly cope with the task, even one hero, but soon there will be sea of ​​bubbles with the bacteria inside to deal with which will need more funds.

Na all need dengi

Bloons Tower Defense games Bloons Tower Defense games war costs too much, even during the game Bluns tower defense you need money to buy new products. Earn money during missions each downed the ball brings the glasses, and they are converted into the currency.

Igry Bluns tower defense, this series of toys which appear in the Proceedings of some new items to diversify the plot. Gradually, the toy becomes more intense, including in terms of locations. You can choose the complexity of passing the maze and roads.
The game features balls of four colors: red, blue, green and yellow. Red can be destroyed with one click, and it's the easiest opponents that appear on the first level. Further, among them appear blue balloons can be burst only at the second attempt. After the first injection the blue ball turns red, and then burst.
Green balls are very strong. They are covered with a special compound, which after drying turns into armor. But it can be overcome, if the time to shoot thrice. After the first attempt the ball will turn blue, then red, then left to stab him again, to completely get rid of.
easy to guess that the balls are yellow. With them, everything happens exactly, and finally to destroy it, you have to shoot at least four times. Visually you can see the difference in size only between the yellow and the other balls, but the rest of it, too, is present, though not so expressive.
During the game Bluns tower defense increases as the number of objects and their speed of movement. If at first dominated by the red balls, then blue, but now it is becoming more and more yellow the most dangerous. If you do not have time to liquidate them on the road, they enter in your new city, and then you lose a part of life. If you like this happens too often, it will end fatally, and everything was done efforts turn to ashes.

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