Wild Kratts games

Wild Kratts games

Nature continues to surprise the person presenting its unsolved mysteries. The world of plants and animals varied surprising forms, and get acquainted with them will never get bored, especially when there is someone to tell the incredible things. Now you will be free to play online games Wild Kratts, created by multserial, heroes who are real brothers and Chris Martin. They use every opportunity to introduce you to the realm of flora and fauna. You will go on an expedition on the ocean, forest, jungle, plains, to explore the abundant wildlife.
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Igry Kratt Brothers: Lessons prirody

Wild Kratts games

Retsept happiness is simple – is when your hobby turns into a work that brings pleasure and profit. Brothers Chris and Martin have always loved nature, and a child were true naturalists. Growing up, they did not lose interest in the animal world, but on the contrary – tried to better study it. Growing up, and already having their own children, they continue to do what he likes. There are still many mysteries of nature, and to learn its secrets can be infinite, each time discovering something new, surprising, interesting, incredibly. On account of their many achievements and their stories highlight games Kratt Brothers.

Senior Krattov – from Martin. He was born in December 1965 And Chris in July 1969 Big age difference made ​​them not only brothers, and friends, which combine common interests. Both love nature and sports, and even education are complementary. Martin became Bachelor of zoology and biology, Kriss –.

Pomimo, they are the producers, writers, directors, cameramen, actors and TV presenters. These professions they have mastered during the filming of educational and informative programs on the topic of the animal world, designed for the younger generation.

Wild Kratts games

For his work, they received a lot of honor and the film industry on environmental awards. Glory Cards earned through the company Kratt Brothers Company, they created in 1993 And began to organize programs for children in amusement parks, zoos, theaters and other public places.
S 1996 brothers expanded activities, and in the studio, they began to produce as educational programs and animated films about wildlife. Now they live with their families in Canada, working on his own animation studio, created in 2010 They are hard at work on educational animated series Wild Kratts, which uses its own image for the main characters. In some episodes, there are – children their images, too, are taken from the children of senior Krattov, although in the animated series, they are not tied to the leading characters. If you have not seen this cartoon, it completely replace the Kratt Brothers game, in which too many adventures.

Izuchaem wild mir

Bratya travel constantly, looking for new and interesting topics for the next scenes. When they see something that deserves attention, break camp and take off the next series, telling all about the selected hero. This can be a predator, bird, lizard or insect, and games Kratt Brothers are always entertaining and informative, presented in different directions.

  • Uznayte about the habits zhivotnyh
  • Ispytayte their ability, controlling the mouse or klavishami
  • Budte nimble, quick, observant and pryguchimi

Wild Kratts games

Ochen useful game Brothers Kratt 

Vse games Kratt Brothers are filled with one theme – Nature study, but are presented in different ways. – Children love fireflies them they seem magical creatures. You will be taken to the school where these insects learn to light of different colors. Remember firefly signal, teachers, and repeat it, reproducing a set of colored reps using firefly - student.
Go to Kratt Brothers game hunting caracal cat family. She jumps high, grabbing the quail in the air. You can also arrange a brawl with a kangaroo, pushing hind legs and guide the floating among the trees, dragon lizard. Brothers arrange your fascinating tour diving, telling about each inhabitant, and show the race of predators. It's time to join the players, which is also interesting to learn more about the mysteries of the life of animals in their natural environment.

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