Laser Cannon games

Laser Cannon games

You will close the company of monsters with horns, fur and fangs. They are too many, and it is time to thin out the demonic pack. This is easily done if you play online games for free Laser Cannon, moving from one part to another. Several exciting sequels offer to use their own logic to destroy all evil at every level. Use a laser, a hammer, an armored car and other available tools, but take out in shelters each monster, throwing them with stones, slabs and iron blast using barrels that store toxic waste.
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Games Laser Cannon: Devilish Fun

Laser Cannon games Before the era of computerization, logical exercises came out in the form of collection books, and looked rather dry. This did not cause a stir among people, and therefore such collections were not very popular. But it was enough to appear computer fun, in which the players were given similar puzzles, but woven into a fascinating story, how this kind of entertainment gained recognition. Free games Laser cannons belong to the category of logical toys, and if you look at an attractive scenario, you will not be able to pass by.

The main tool to be used when playing online games The Laser Gun really has the appearance of a gun and shoots a laser. It is good that you are armed with such reliable weapons, because you have to work in real hell, which is inhabited by a thousand devils.

Hunting monsters

Laser Cannon games The characters in the game Laser Cannon do not look scary, but even cute, but they still have to be destroyed. For this you have been given a huge installation, the laser of which is able to cut through a thick metal chain. This must be done in order to bring down the stone slab, which is held in suspension by a thick anchor chain, crushing the devil sitting under it.

Your hunt will be gambling and fierce, because at each level there are barriers and shelters for the inhabitants of the underworld. You need to get to every horned creature, so that the level of the game Laser Gun is recognized as passed.

  • Shoot the monsters from the cannon with a direct hit.
  • Shatter massive slabs on their heads
  • Use bounce to point the beam in a different direction at an angle of
  • Blow up the barrel
  • Destroy partitions and protective fields
  • Effect mechanisms
  • Earn points and stars

From mission to mission

Laser Cannon games

All parts of the Laser Cannon game are presented for free on the site and begin with simple tasks, gradually puzzling players with additional difficulties. The first 2 or 3 levels can be training, when in the process of passing there are small tips on management.

Basic actions are performed with the mouse, but if you need to move the gun up or down, use the arrow keys to move it closer or move it back. Before you start playing laser cannon games, master such simple instructions, you set off on an independent journey, passing missions.
As an assignment, conditions can be put forward to destroy with one shot from three to five devils. To get them, it is necessary to destroy the partitions between them, and only then make the decisive shot. Or perhaps a bounce, an explosion, or the help of one of the devices that will trigger a chain of actions will help achieve the result.

Among the tasks there are also those that require a certain amount of points or a level to pass in the allotted time. It is quite difficult to cope with a mission that requires a clear passage from the first time without a restart, and also earn three stars on several levels in a row.
Stars show (1-3) how well you coped with the current task of playing the game online for free Laser gun. One asterisk at least, which can be earned, but three, this is the highest possible score. They are issued if you met in a short time, and did not make unnecessary movements.

  • Pass the training
  • Match a given number of monsters
  • Kill monsters with ricochet
  • Press a given number of monsters
  • Blow up the specified number of monsters
  • Complete the level in a single shot.
  • Show the best time
  • Get three stars in all game stages
  • Pass a certain number of levels without restart
  • Collect all available achievements
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