Ricochet Kills games

Ricochet Kills games

Open the Ricochet Kills games in order to play the original shooter and logical fun at the same time for free. The plot is simple - you are a killer who needs to destroy enemy spies. This can be done only by using the ricochet technique, since the targets are located on different platforms, and some are hiding behind fences. Only a bullet or arrow, skillfully released by hand, will reach the goal. But remember that every shot is worth its weight in gold. Take care of those few patrons that you have, because if you fail to deal with all the enemies, you will have to replay again and again.
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New shooting method: Ricochet Kills games

Ricochet Kills games A lot of gaming products on military themes have been invented and sold to satisfy the appetite of a male audience. Among others, there are online Ricochet Kills games in which the passion for weapons is complemented by the idea of ​​shooting to hit several targets at the same time. Moreover, these goals are at different levels, and getting them is not so easy.

Before you are a shooter with a logical slant, and you have to go through numerous levels, coping with the difficulties of passing. The further you progress in the game, the more difficult it becomes.

Your mission is to kill everyone

Opening the free Ricochet Kills games, you become a killer who was tasked with eliminating a group of dangerous elements. In what these people are guilty, the history is unknown, but it is not necessary to know, because the killers do not wonder what the subject assigned to him did, but quickly, professionally destroy it. Players will have to reincarnate as an assassin, which leads to further actions:

  • Learn out the situation
  • Find your optimal shooting angle
  • Destroy all objects using a limited number of cartridges

Ricochet Kills games Not to say that playing Ricochet Kills games is simple even at the first levels. Of course, they are easier to follow, he also requires skill, a keen eye, spatial vision.

You control the mouse where you hover it, the character is aiming there, and by pressing the left button, you shoot an arrow or a bullet. The shell begins to rush around the site, bumping into walls, ceiling and other obstacles, trying to find the goals of people in black suits. Once she gets into them, they fall bloody.

There are no terrible scenes with a sea of ​​blood, and therefore even a massacre is not perceived by excessive cruelty.

Your mission doable

Having started playing killer bounce games online, you find yourself in a metropolis, and everything that happens is done against the backdrop of skyscrapers, airports and other urban architecture. But they do not distract from important events, but serve as a stage.

Ricochet Kills games The main character always remains motionless, which complicates the task, since there is no opportunity to take a more advantageous position. Subjects for reprisals are scattered throughout the site: they stand on the walls, metal structures, some have managed to hide behind a stack of crates and other obstacles. You also need to find a way to overcome all these difficulties, and shoot everyone using the minimum number of rounds.

At a certain point, new explosive objects will appear on the site, and although your goal has decided to take refuge behind them, you can use the situation to your advantage. How? If in a barrel gasoline or a core is filled with gunpowder, one spark is enough for them to explode, taking several enemy lives in a fierce fire. This will become available already during the Ricochet Kills 2, and you can immediately select this part.

One successful shot can destroy several targets, saving on ammunition. Enemies can be hit by a bullet, but they can also be bombarded with iron struts or smashed to shreds by a bomb.

Follow the bottom line at the bottom of the screen to understand. How many lives you have already taken, and how many cartridges spent on it. Remember that if the bullets run out, the level will not be passed. However, you can replay it endlessly, until you get a perfect result.

All existing game series differ from each other in some details, but the essence is the same. For this reason, you do not need to adhere to a strict order of passage, and choose any, without fear of disrupting the chronological order.

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