Game Super Mario vs Zombies online

Game Super Mario vs Zombies

Super Mario vs Zombies

Mario had a real grenade launcher in his hands, this is a powerful weapon and it was not by chance that the hero decided to arm himself with it. Hordes of zombies attacked his world. The dead rose from their graves and began to fill the platforms of the Mushroom Kingdom. The king is terrified and again he asks the plumber to help everyone get rid of this scourge. Zombies don't seem to be going to attack, but who knows what they want tomorrow. You need to find them and destroy them by shooting grenades. From the explosion, the zombie will fly to pieces and will no longer threaten anyone. The grenade launcher certainly has killer power, but there are also disadvantages. It is necessary for the grenade to fall in close proximity to the target, otherwise the desired explosion effect will not be achieved in Super Mario vs Zombies.
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