Monster Mass Clashes games

Monster Mass Clashes games

Free to play Monster Mass Clashes games can be at any convenient time when you have free time and want to relax. They run online, so it’s possible to log in from your home or work computer. In these games, the user assumes the role of the commander-in-chief of an army of scary, but likeable monsters. For many years they have been desperately fighting each other, but until recently the forces remained equal. Only a wise strategy and an accurate calculation of the forces will allow to stop the bloody war forever, but for this it is necessary to simply destroy the neighbors. In this world there is only one outcome - you or you.
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Monster Mass Clashes games: Battle and Victory

Monster Mass Clashes games online Monster Mass Clashes games, creatures harsh, they can not just exist peacefully, watering plants. These terrible representatives of evil are created for war and constant confrontation. Playing games of mass attack of monsters, the user will have to learn how to live in a world where everyone is ready to cut the throat of another, nothing will be left except to create more fearsome creatures and hope that the opponents will ever end completely.

Mass attack of monsters games for children and adults, they do not have to swing a sword or shoot, the main thing is to think over the course and monitor the situation on the screen, create warriors to fight the enemy in time, and of course, do not allow the enemy to break through the defenses, and he will certainly try to do this, having made every effort. Monster Mass Clashes games online

Games A massive attack of monsters will appeal to those users who love the dynamics, when the action is constantly on the screen, there are no pauses or a long plot. You can relax only between the levels, in these moments you can breathe out and think out a strategy for creating new warriors, their evolutionary development so to speak. Abilities that may be needed in the next round of scrum.

Monster Mass Clashes games are absolutely free, you cannot get an advantage over the enemy simply by paying real money, you have to win your own battle after battle. There is no need to download any version, all games are downloaded in seconds in a browser window, and users are free to have fun for as long as they want.

Process of Monster Mass Clashes games

The plot of the Monster Mass Clashes games is fairly straightforward, which makes it extremely interesting. In a certain parallel universe, scary creatures dwell close to each other, on Earth they are called monsters. And in the virtual world they are ordinary inhabitants. Neighbors can not come to terms with such closeness and constantly fight. It has become part of their everyday life. Players can be one of the participants of the confrontation to win a decisive victory over their aggressive neighbors.

The control in the game is simple, you only need to respond in time to the approach of the enemy and click on one of the icons with the image of a soldier. When the army defeats the enemy and breaks through to the base, the round will be won. Monster Mass Clashes games online

The creatures that live in a parallel universe are extremely mysterious, each species has its own advantages and disadvantages. The first players will have ETs, then in the process of evolution they will be able to create:

  • Samuraybot;
  • Hedgebrogov;
  • Goblins;
  • Orcs;
  • Skeletons.

A these creatures can fly on dinoroder, dragons and other powerful warlike winged. After each round of battles, having won, a table with all possible inhabitants of the virtual world opens before the player. In moments of pause, you can explore the merits and strength of a monster and activate it for further collisions.

From the level to the level of the enemy is becoming faster, it also creates new species, and they enthusiastically attack with new force. In each round, players receive at the expense of 10 thousand game money. Each soldier has his own cost of creation, and each defeated enemy makes a profit. So the game continues either until the capture of one of the bases, or until the money for the soldiers runs out, and then there will be no one to protect the house.

Mass attack of monsters of the game is very funny, they will love the children and their parents to fight. The monsters themselves are not at all scary, but very funny. The process is fascinating, without undue aggressive scenes. To create a mood sounds corresponding music.

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