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Gold Craft

You are extremely lucky, because you looked in the game Gold Craft and found that hitherto unknown to you terribly rich uncle left you a legacy of a small section somewhere on the edge of geography. Do not rush to be upset that it was not the villa in the Canary Islands or a solid bank account, if you properly dispose of fallen down on the head of an unexpected inheritance, all that you will be tenfold. The fact that a modest area is home to several gold mines, they will bring you fame and fortune, but happen to work hard. First wave pick will have his own and the more agile, more lively and faster you going to do, the more likely will be able to grow and hire assistants. Qualified specialists are expensive, they still need to get gold bullion. Do not yawn, and do not be distracted, Dolby breed Gold Craft, until the source is not dried up. Hire employees - is simple enough, but you need to constantly improve their professional level, so that worked hard workers alive and bring you profit. During production you can not only detect, but precious crystals. They are valued particularly highly, and will allow you to purchase much-needed items, tools, and improve their update. Also hidden beneath the earth and other not less valuable treasures - the ancient artifacts: dinosaur fossils, historical finds, antique statues and other priceless relics. All that you can profitably sell to museums or collectors for the super big money. Develop business in all directions, do not dwell only on the extraction of gold nuggets, expands and soon you will find a comfortable existence, honor and respect of society and financial freedom. Play Gold Craft, to feel sorry for yourself gold magnate, you wallow golden stones that you will turn into all sorts of benefits. Our html5 game - a real simulator for future businessmen, who want to try themselves in the mining business. Do not miss the opportunity to show what you are capable of, and economic simulator is just what you need.
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