Game Mini Guardians Castle Defense online

Game Mini Guardians Castle Defense

Game Mini Guardians Castle Defense online.

It has already become a tradition in the gaming world: if there is a lock, it must necessarily try to capture. In the game Mini Guardians Castle Defense you will help to defend a small castle, consisting of one turret from all sorts of monsters. Well, I do not like trolls, orcs, minotaurs, that on their land there is a structure of human hands. They attracted all the dark forces: witches, skeletons, lifted the dead from their graves, to wipe out one stone building from the face of the earth. Before you a difficult task and you will cope with it, if you act correctly. In time, renew and complete the fortress walls, strengthening the defensive capacity of the castle. Replenish the army of defenders, so they do not allow the approach of the enemy to the castle.