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Game Brave Squad

Brave Squad

Before us is a new exciting game Brave Squad from companies Softgames, which specializes in the production of games for touchscreen devices. In it we'll plunge into the world of intergalactic travel. You are a part of the research team that plies the vastness of the galaxy will study the planet and life on it. To find habitable planets have dropped down in order to collect information and samples of flora and fauna. But no one knew that she was inhabited by a variety of aggressive monsters. Alienate a large distance from the vehicle. You were attacked by these terrible creatures. Now you have the way to the ship filled with a variety of hazards. But you can easily overcome them and destroy all the enemies encountered in your way. With the help of various weapons you will fight with the monsters, for each weapon there are special techniques that you can apply. This will increase the damage inflicted on these creatures. But remember that with each mileage level monsters will become stronger and will also have special abilities. character is controlled either with a mouse, or by clicking finger swipe. Game Brave Squad is based on HTML5 platform, which makes it possible to play on touch devices. It has quite an interesting scenario, which together with the beautifully -drawn graphics and wonderful music immerse you into the atmosphere of adventure. We are sure that Brave Squad will help you brighten up your leisure hours and you will love this game. Faster download it on any of your devices and enjoy the gameplay. So there is the opportunity to play Brave Squad directly on the Internet, and even invite her friends and acquaintances. Or take part in the competition for the best player. To do this, simply follow the minimum registered on the site. Enjoy the game and the time!
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