Farm Frenzy games

Farm Frenzy games

Games Farm Frenzy online, it's a great simulation of Agriculture, where you become the master of their own and develop land that they began to make a profit. The nice thing is that you will play for free. Some resources available to you at an early stage, but even ordinary seeds and watering the manual mode, you can initiate a great future. Then open interesting offers for the purchase of additional animal species, varieties of plants, equipment and buildings, and to make them, sell the crop on the market.

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Farm Frenzy games The developers of computer games often use the idea to successful new products, and the example of the game Farm Frenzy 4.

What are the game Farm Frenzy

The toy was released in 2007 from the company Alawar Entertainment, which is famous for its prolific development in different genres. You are faced with some of the gameplay features, but all you have to develop agriculture, ennobling land, grow crops and raise cattle. In this casual game combines elements of puzzle, arcade, economic strategy and simulation. Farm Frenzy is particularly well known, and has already managed to acquire extensions and additions. She is attractive by the fact that the plot is full of events, but the management of elementary and takes into consideration only the computer mouse, and in addition to computer and mobile versions have.

to master in the field of agricultural labor

In the process of Farm Frenzy 4 game online you become the rightful owner of the land, which should become a prosperous farm. Like all great endeavors, the process begins with the small things. Grow herbs that will feed poultry and eggs for you to bear. Just click on an empty plot of land that it grew lush grass, and do not forget about watering. But water, like everything else, is not given for free, so be thrifty owner. Collecting and selling eggs, you put the beginning of the capital, which will become a new buy hens, other animals, equipment and seeds.

Farm Frenzy games in danger

At times, your cattle will attack predators, but you can deal with them, if you put them in a cage. Click the beasts mouse a few times, until the cell is sufficiently strong. This production also can be sold on the market and rescue additional profit. But to keep predators on the field, even if they are in a cage, not worth it. After some time, they will be able to break their prison break out and attack your pets. However, for the beginning of the cell will leave the warehouse, and only then to sell. That is why you should always be space in the barn. In order not to overload it, configure items in a timely manner to the market for the equipment.

to develop business

When your finances will command respect, you will have access construction: preparation, processing machines egg powder mills, bakeries, oil mills, warehouses and many others. With advanced features, you will become a competitive farming.


conditioned problems Game Farm Frenzy

The game is based on the principle of transition through the levels, but to go to the next, you must perform a series of set tasks – Buy the right amount of poultry and cattle, cut off a predetermined volume of wool to collect so many eggs to make money. By establishing a business, you will visit five countries, and can even become the head of the Farmers Union.

Other series of Farm Frenzy

  • Farm Frenzy games Opening the Farm Frenzy 3 games online that have several additions, you will begin to master his face scarlet agricultural business in the most improbable conditions. In American Pie girl to help her grandmother to save the farm and pay the debts, which means it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.
  • During the Farm Frenzy games online during the Ice Age, it operates under the Arctic Circle, which has decided to buy a plot. In the enterprise, it produces ice cream and souvenirs, as well as helping with the organization of Santa Claus New Year.
  • In the course of the game Farm Frenzy 3 Russian Roulette, we get to the Wild West and the Arctic, to start producing food for the astronauts, to build starships and produce oil.
  • When find ourselves in Madagascar, our task will be the restocking of African animals.
  • In Farm Frenzy 2, we find ourselves in a developed city, and it is important not to spoil an established infrastructure.
  • In one of the versions will have to specialize in cooking pizza, continuing to develop agriculture.
  • Wildlife and mysterious animals are waiting for us in the world of the Vikings. There grazing domestic animals: bulls, yaks, sheep and mares with magical unicorns.
  • Fish Day in a fun farm specializes in the production of fresh seafood. Pearls are harvested and tame dolphin him to help look for pirate treasure.
  • The Roman Empire also needs food and not to infuriate Caesar's get to work.
  • In the name of the King! – so-called collector's version of the game Farm Frenzy, which started to be fruitful in the land turn. Here you will find a great wallpaper for your monitor, listen to beautiful music and watch the introductory video.
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