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Residents of the city sometimes feel that living on a farm is very pleasant - the weather is always great, the sun is shining, the air is clean, the food is fresh. But this happens if you are a tourist in the village, when you do not have to work from sunrise to sunset, so that there is food on the table. To understand a little how it works on the earth, the browser game Farm Days helps. It all started with the fact that you left an inheritance - an abandoned farm. Having entered into the rights of the owner, you immediately arrived at the place to assess the scope of the land. But what was the disappointment from what he saw - everything around was covered with tall grass, and two lonely buildings - your house and barn, squinted and lost weight. It seems that the previous owner has not done anything for a long time, and over the years, complete desolation has come. Well, you have to show what you are ready for, and that urban residents are also capable of feats and are able to work. Coming to play Farm Days, you will need inspiration and patience to listen at first to the assistant who will meet you, direct your actions, and give out assignments. Her name is Masha - a lively girl living in the neighborhood. As soon as she greeted you, she immediately turned to the main thing - work. We develop our own farm
The girl showed what a terrible condition your house is in, and if you want to live in it, you will have to repair it. Do not be alarmed, it’s easy to do this - you just need to click on the building, and here is a little white mansion with a smart red roof and a small garden around. Next in line is the barn - the main building, because they put the crop in it and hold the tools. It turned out that he also needed a major overhaul. Do the same with him, and magically the holes in the roof are patched, the walls are painted, the broken windows are replaced with new ones. When the repair problem is solved, we proceed to the cultivation of the crop. The first thing you have to grow is wheat. To get started, draw water in a well, and pour a small area with grains. We must wait until the sprouts hatch, ripen, and it will be possible to collect them. But there is a shorter way - to pay two monetary units, and the wheat grows much faster. To complete each action, you need to italicize on objects:
• We collect water in the well
• Click on the plot to water
• When the crop is ripe, click again to harvest it.
In the future, continuing to play the game Farmer's Day, we do the same thing whenever we need to take action. Start earning
The development scenario of the game is interesting, and to enter your name in it, Farm Days registration will help you or register through a social page. When the crop is harvested, it falls into the barn that you repaired, next to which you see a notice board. As soon as a green checkmark appears there, then a new task has arrived. At iPlayer Farm Days you can be offered a lucrative deal to supply one of the products, and if you accept it, serious work begins. From now on, you must remember your image, and try not to let customers down. Gradually, Farm Days will open up many interesting opportunities for you:
• Breeding animals and poultry
• Grow a variety of plants
• Build enterprises
• Process products into goods
• Sell them in markets and stores
You will go from a city dweller who has arrived on empty land to an experienced farmer, developing and wealthy, who has everything under control.
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