Game Dream Fields online

Game Dream Fields

Game Dream Fields online.

Online game Legends of Dreams - will amaze you with its beauty from the first seconds. You find yourself in a real fairy tale that you can be told as a child. Immerse yourself in the world of the farm which are intertwined and fantasy, magic and wonderful teddy bears. This farm is fully immersed in the magic of where your best assistants will teddy bears. They will do for you all the hard work, gather berries, mushrooms and nectar. These Fur TV know everything that surrounds them, take just a few of the actions, to guide them.
Most important is the fact that your helpers will not play again Legends help you without your favorite treats. Of course, they are very fond of jam, which you should always be. It can be an elementary cook berries, sugar and water in one of the buildings, and in the presence of game currency - crystals - and you can purchase in-game store.
There are three features that will help develop the game - it's crystals, gold and of course the imagination. Access to the latter should always be, without it you will not move a single step. Get her a variety of ways, for example, it can recover itself, to help their neighbors in the farm, make it a special house or purchased for crystals. Gold is getting a lot easier, it is issued for the execution of certain tasks or quests.
iPlayer Legends Dream will immerse you in a world of real fantasies. Invite your friends from social networks to have fun and help each other. Look at them and get special chests crystals on every seventh day.