Monopoly games

Monopoly games

Become the owner of the shipping company, factories, hotels, restaurants, airports, and other organizations will help you free game Monopoly. If earlier it was possible to play, gathered at someone's home, it is now economic strategy presented online, keeping all the rules. Throwing the dice-bone and moving step by step according to the fallen value, you must obey the specified job: to give their savings to pay rent for the right to stay at that point, someone else to buy the company, 'check', or gain extra.

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Monopoly games online The game is innate for business

Monopoly games online If you ever heard of table games, then surely it was about a variation of the game « Monopoly ». « Monopoly », perhaps the most popular board game in the economic world. Otherwise, it hardly lasted on the market for about 80 years. Let's see what the reasons for the success of the game.

From the first days, « Monopoly » went on sale, it became the best-selling board game in America. Playing this game, each player is a businessman who is trying to buy up before the rest of the most profitable assets and bankrupt rivals. It can be played by two or more people, making the confrontation even more interesting. However, for various reasons, not always possible to find a partner for a game of « Monopoly ». But today, it's not scary, because there were, and electronic versions of the board game. And on our site are playing monopoly online game in which you can even with a computer.

It is important to know the rules of the game Monopoly

Monopoly games online Before the game, you should understand with the basic rules and principles. As mentioned earlier, the aim of the game is to create their economic empire that would bankrupt the other players. As usual, and the online version of the game « Monopoly » They represent a playing field, which is composed of cells. Each player in turn throws the dice and moves to the cell number, which corresponds to the winning number on the dice. All cells can be divided into several types:  

  • assets (valuables, businesses, and so on. )
  • The event

When a player becomes a cell with an asset, he can buy it, if the asset is purchased by another player and can afford it. All assets on the field are divided into groups, which usually consists of two or three cells. The main task of the player – buy up the assets of one group to increase their profits by building branches and facilities. The fact is that when a player becomes a cell with an asset owned by an opponent, he is obliged to pay a certain amount, which is greatly increased if the assets upgraded to branches or complexes. As a result, there is a rapid enrichment of the monopolist and the imminent bankruptcy of the other players. Often it happens that buy up the assets of one type does not work and they are owned by different players. In this case, allowed trade and exchange of assets between the players.

The variety in the game make the cells that host is not active, and events. On these cells the player can get in, or transfer money to get them. Thus, in such a popular game, like monopoly play online is very exciting and interesting even to a computer.

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