Supermarket Mania games

Supermarket Mania games

Games Supermarket Mania madly like girls. This is not just a chance to get free all the fancy new clothes in your store, but to create their own business, helping visitors with a choice of veshchichek and earning money online. Play such economic simulator is very fashionable, because it is necessary to monitor the development of the commercial business, testing themselves in the role of the entrepreneur. This practice will show how you control yourself if you liked the cute little thing – so easily part with their money. Without self-control in the business in any way!

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Supermarket Mania games   Shopping waiting! ,

In the game Supermarket Mania play online for possible right now that will allow you to play as both the seller and the buyer.

proposed the idea of ​​the game can develop in two ways – economically, when you build your own shop and attract visitors to it, or return you to the niche customers. Since the last option we are particularly familiar and close, you can start with him. So, you have a list of products that need to buy for the holiday table. Shelves sag under a large supermarket thousands of products. There are so many that the eyes diverge between brands and manufacturers names, but you need to find a particular product, and quickly, because still have time to prepare, and the guests will come soon.

On another occasion, you decide to choose a dress for the upcoming party and went to a clothing store. Here shelves and racks with clothes that attract bright colors and discounts. But you have a specific task, and there is no extra money. Look what they came for.

Become a true genius of sales, playing games Supermarket Mania

Supermarket Mania games Now let's try yourself as a seller. And you can sell anything:

  • clothes and shoes  
  • accessories and perfumes  
  • flowers and baking  
  • candy and even toys  

Supermarket Mania games Every man is a set of requirements with their personal tastes and preferences. Seller may advise, but should not impose their views. Another buyer, the right to the counter, orders a bouquet of flowers as he likes, and your task is to quickly gather it, so as not to delay the turn. One should be very careful if you make a mistake at least one flower, the composition should be altered, and this is a waste of time, money and your competence. A similar situation with the sale of food, where visitors require a specific set of products. On how quickly you serve it depends on your earnings.

Profits derived shop invested in a well. This means that you have to buy new equipment and accessories to make a small point of sale in a competitive supermarket or even the network. In order to achieve significant success in the business world, it is necessary to keep abreast of the interests and demands of the inhabitant. The store will become popular if it is convenient and offer a variety of goods. Imagine that in a clothing store dressing room, and there is no mirror. With pleasure you yourself will be in a walk? If you do not know where to begin when everything shop, remember their own claims and it is clear where to begin.

Supermarket Mania play online biased especially helpful ladies who forget that the staff – not gods, and if the store is not your favorite candy, it's not their fault. They only sell that purchased the corresponding service.

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