Game Pyramid Klondike online

Game Pyramid Klondike

Game Pyramid Klondike online.

Klondike is a region in America and a common word meaning a place where you can find untold treasures. In our case it's a solitaire game in Pyramid Klondike. Your treasure will be rest with an exciting card puzzle and it's priceless. The ultimate goal of any solitaire is to transfer all the cards to a certain place or completely remove from the field. The rules of this solitaire are as follows: you must collect pairs of cards, totaling thirteen, and they will go to the upper left corner. If a number is drawn on the map, it is easy to add them, and as for cards of higher rank: ladies, jacks and aces, they correspond to the numbers 12,11,1. The king can move alone. In the game Pyramid Klondike five levels, the time to resolve is limited.