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Game Tanki Online

Tanki Online

Tanki Online is another exciting three-dimensional adventure for players who love to shoot. The game is created by a version of the classic Tanki game, which was back in 1990 on the game console Dandy. They have struck all its beauty and gameplay, but today you can play a three-dimensional version of the arcade in multiplayer mode.
At the very beginning of the game, you have to register and pass a little training that will tell you how to control your tanks, how develop them, and beat your opponents. After training, you will be able to get a few bonuses for further development.
Before you start the battle, open the application list, where you will be able to see which battle you will enter. Watch this very carefully and if you are a beginner, then do not get into serious battles. You can also organize your own battle if you have not found a suitable one for yourself from the list.
In Tanki Online there is a garage where the main action of the game is, here you can buy new types of equipment, and upgrade existing ones. Improvements include almost all parts of the military machine, from tracks to the barrels of guns and shells for them. Do not forget about the daily bonuses they will help you in development, to get additional awards and spare parts.
Each battle has different conditions for victory, depending on what mode you choose or create your own. Somewhere it is necessary to destroy all the enemies, somewhere to keep your own base playing in the team, and somewhere to capture the enemy's flag. The game map has a variety of resources, picking them up, you can strengthen your tank for a certain time, but remember that your enemies also know about the bonuses, so be careful.
The currency here is also diverse, it can be, as earned and purchased. For crystals, which are purchased separately, you can buy stronger weapons and speed up the modernization of the unit.
Tanki Online is simple to manage just a few buttons to move and shoot, there is a feature you can twist the turret on which the gun. Defeat your enemies and earn experience and you will open up new advantages that give the entry into the league and the creation of their own clans.
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