World of Tanks games

World of Tanks games

free online game World of Tanks for the boys, this is the best gaming destination. Here they learn the different models of military equipment, their maneuverability and features. Controlling them, you'll find yourself in the thick of war, and will withstand even the air, firing on the iron bird in the sky. Ways to play a lot, and you might even find yourself in a maze with walls of brick, blocks or shrub. They were convenient to hide from the enemy and attack from the rear. Even you can build tank of the details, having them search the perimeter, to collect the puzzle with his image, paint and solve logic puzzles.

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Today, players have plenty of opportunities to satisfy their taste preferences in video games, and even earn money. Games online world of tanks stood on a commercial path and advertising simulators can be seen not only in the space of the Internet, but also on billboards, television, and pay-per-pumping unit and participate in the activities can be made through payment terminals.

features a realistic game world of tanks

World of Tanks games online The plausibility of simulators and MMORPG world allow the player to fully immerse themselves in the process and feel yourself on the battlefield. Brilliance happening seizes the attention of gamers so much that he loses touch with reality and lives and dies and is experiencing almost the real thing. Any mistake or there is an acute injury, and the victory makes rejoice.

Initially available are:

  • The choice of models of cars of different classes;
  • The site of the battle;
  • of the opposing party;
  • Ability to register characteristics,  
  • included in the action immediately;  
  • Switching the first-person or third-party allows you to see the picture from different angles.  

The tanks are divided into light and maneuverable, and heavy, but passing on a particularly difficult places. It has a value and selection period, fighting – from the beginning of the First World War to the present day. This is a unique opportunity to experience the nuances of control and reliability of first combat vehicles. Learn their weaknesses and to compare with the current models, which are equipped with the latest techniques of scientific research. Even the angle at innovative tank is much broader and is displayed on a special monitor, unlike those on which our grandfathers had the opportunity to fight and watch the battle through a narrow slit in the tower of the tanker.
With the passage and implementation of a successful mission, the player will be available to upgrade the tank.

Now we can choose:

  • Stronger caterpillars;  
  • To strengthen the armor;
  • To establish modern guns;
  • The machine guns on the sides of the tank;
  • Purchase navigation and homing in on the target.  

Up to a point it's all available in small quantities for free, but if you have grown together with the game and want to get all possible, have to pay.

The charm of the game tanks for Kids

World of Tanks games online World of Tanks games online An alternative option would be free flash games online world of tanks. Among them also have beautiful simulators, but mostly it's games for children are offered completely free of charge. Where tanks are always options of hostilities and a target shooting. Game score points replenished in the event of well-aimed shots, and the speed of play. Many of the games held in tension is a limited time interval for which it is necessary to complete the task.  

But not the end of fantasy shooter creators product about tanks. Managing technology, you can be held mazes lined wall or a bush or solve puzzles. Having concluded the tank into the trap, you have to send it to a gun and shoot at the top of the partition so that they collapsed in certain places, and ball-bomb detonated others. When the action is done right, your tank is free from the trap, but only in order to get a new, stronger and more cunning. The whole problem is to calculate the visual angle of the shot and get to a certain place. Sometimes bounce will be the solution that you have been unable to find.

with the tank can collect puzzles and look for extra details on the background of his pictures, and in the final use everything found in it, and thus, to repair combat vehicles.

Coloring tanks like the boys, and often appear in the relevant section, to satisfy the interests of military equipment and thirst for creativity.

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