Game 2020 Tetra online

Game 2020 Tetra

Game 2020 Tetra online.

Before us is a new exciting game Forest Adventure Softgames known company, which specializes in the production of games for touchscreen devices. Today we open the world thanks to the developers of Tetris, because in this game, our specialists have tried to combine all the best that exists in the world in this category of games. So our task is to build as always falling geometric shapes in a row, and as soon as we fill one row of in-line, he will be gone and we will give points. But the writers decided to make life difficult for us and make this puzzle more interesting. Now all the pieces are of different color and that we would earn points, we have to connect the line to have a particular color. When a certain amount of points, they give us the possibility of bonus achievements - color change in a number, or an explosion in the field. All these special skills are displayed in the pane on the left and you will be able to choose which one you want to apply. With each level of complexity and speed of falling objects will increase. So sit back, and be careful and then you will easily pass the game. Is controlled with the mouse so it is quite simple. Game Forest Adventure razrabotna tehnologib using HTML5 and has a pretty thoughtful gameplay, beautifully drawn graphics and beautiful music. All this together will not leave indifferent not a single player who loves this category of games. You can play by setting the game to their device and the web. In the latter case, simply log into the game using the account of the social networking site Facebook. If you do that you can recognize it is achieved by the players from other countries and can be enter in the top ten best players of Forest Adventure