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FroYo Bar

In FroYo Bar game we introduce ourselves to you with the family that holds a small outdoor cafe on the coast of the sea. As you know today we'll dive into the wonderful world of cooking and a variety of sweets. Each morning we will open your restaurant and wait for the customers who will be giving us orders for the preparation of various dishes. Then, according to the recipe that will be displayed as a tip on top, we will prepare this dish. Once it is ready, we give it to customers. For this we will pay the in-game currency. We can also get a tip, if you quickly prepare meals. So try to do everything as quickly as possible, because the flow of customers will increase and you need to have time to serve them all. If all goes successfully then you will be able to open another restaurant. Prove you're the best cook your restaurant and the best on the coast. Game FroYo Bar is characterized by its realism and a rather interesting and thought-out plot. In it you will be able to play on any device because it was written using HTML5 technology, so that the faster FroYo Bar set her on the device, or just play it from our site. When playing online registration is not required. Good luck to you in the preparation and enjoyable game.
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