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Game Speed Pool King

Speed Pool King

I hope you are able to hold the cue in your hands you have a well-developed eye estimation, because the game Speed ​​Pool King all you needed. Contestants then you will not, so you'll be alone to drive the balls into the pocket. But do not think that it can be done in a relaxed state. After all, there is a strict time limit, so you need to act as quickly as possible. Starting level, you must first break the shape of balls, and then start to hammer them one by one into the pockets. The more balls you zabesh row, the more points you can get for each subsequent firing in. In order to hit the ball. you must move the cursor to the cue ball and holding the left mouse button, take a cue back, thereby selecting the force of impact. Also, during this procedure, you can specify the flight path of the ball and the cue ball. Due to this it will be possible to plan the output of the cue ball under the next ball, sending all the balls into the pockets, you can go to the next level of the game King of Quick snooker. There you'll get a new piece of beads and time, which of course will be less than in the previous level. We'll have to show all their skills in order to continue to play the game Speed ​​Pool King, sending for this purpose and these balls in the corners. So you expect many more interesting and dynamic levels, which only have to do that to beat the cue ball on the ball. If your cue itself sunsets in the hole, it is immediately restored, once on the starting point, where you will start each game.
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